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An Aging Population Has Mobility Solutions

As the Baby-Boomer population enters its golden years, advances in mobility technology will now play a role in an increasingly larger portion of the nation’s population. Over ten thousand people are reaching the age of 65 everyday in the United States, an age when many people consider downsizing their homes for more manageable dwellings. There are simple, convenient steps that people can take that don’t involve turning over the keys to the family homestead.

Bob Tink, Owner of Stairlifts Buffalo, a service of Wesley Elevator knows the economic and emotional value of allowing people to stay in their homes. “I’ve been installing stair lifts and mobility devices in local homes for over two decades. To see the emotional response that a stair lift can bring to someone by providing them with independence and access within their own home is fantastic. Mobility issues in the home starts with maybe not going up and down the stairs quite as often, and then it decreases to maybe once a day, until before you know it, our loved ones are simply not utilizing a large portion of their house because of the difficulty the stairs presents.”

Stairlifts also provide an economical solution to an otherwise costly issue. “The costs of retirement or assisted living facilities, costly renovations, or just the time and money it takes to find a new single level residence can all be avoided with a simple home modification with a stairlift. Our customers are amazed at the affordability of our stairlift solutions, and are in disbelief with how fast and easy the installation is. Your home can be measured and the lift installed in as little as 24 hours” Tink said.

Locally owned and operated, Stairlifts Buffalo provides free measurements and free 24-hour installation. Should you ever need assistance with your stairlift, experts are only a local phone call away.