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We all fall victim to over-estimating our own abilities.  It’s easy to justify the regression of our physical abilities to “having a bad day” or simply refusing to accept our growing limitations as we age.  Suffering a physical injury or just going along for the ride during the aging process does not mean you should lose access to the second floor of your home.

There are several myths out there that typically dissuade people from exploring a stair lift option for their home.

-          Stair lifts are cost prohibitive; When compared to the price of a cup of coffee: yes. When compared to the price of a home remodel to accommodate a loss in mobility: No.  Stair lifts can be purchased and installed a lot less money than you think .  This can all be done in as little as 24 hours through StairLiftsBuffalo.


-          Stair lifts cannot easily be installed with my stair layout; straight, curved, and everywhere in-between, there is a solution that can easily meet your needs.  StairLiftsBuffalo has been installing chair mobility lifts for over 15 years, in every type of home, with every type of layout.


The amenities of modern stair lifts place an emphasis on comfort and safety.  With molded, padded seats, arm rests, foot plates, seatbelts, and braking systems, there are a litany of reasons to choose a stair lift from StairLiftsBuffalo.

If you are on a budget, you can even select used or refurbished models to meet your needs.  If your stair lift requirements are only for a lmited time, StairLiftsBuffalo even offers rentals.

With over two decades in the Business, Bob Tink of StairLiftsBuffalo can provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation measurement and quote to outfit your home with the latest home mobility technology.  The professionals at StairLiftsBuffalo are there to fit, install, and service your chair lift on short notice.